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Here are some frequently asked questions with answers regarding our dolls. If you’re thinking about purchasing, or have purchased, a doll from Krabat this might be some useful information for you.


Does the doll meet the Toy Safety Directives (TSD) requirements?

At Krabat & Co we sell dolls from several manufacturers. All of our suppliers are well established and reputable companies that meet the strict requirements set by the EU for toys (2009/48/EG) in its directive EN71-1/2/3 (revised in June, 2013, enforcing even stricter regulations) and pertaining to their mechanical, physicochemical, and flammable properties, as well as the migration of certain structural elements.


The dolls also meet the REACH requirement, which is an ordinance for and by the EU, adopted to safeguard people and the environment from the health risks associated with certain chemicals.


All dolls are tested at accredited laboratories and Krabat & Co has access to all test results.


What is the doll made of?

All our dolls’ hard components are made of plastic, with the exception of the dolls from Petit Chose, which are made in natural rubber.


The plastic in our dolls is made in vinyl/PVC. Vinyl is the type of plastic that is best suited to meet the EN71-1 requirements pertaining to the physicochemical properties of the doll (the material cannot be harmful, or change properties and become harmful to the consumer).


The body fabric of our stuffed dolls is made in cotton, with the exception of the bathing dolls from Paola Reina, which has a body made in nylon. If the doll has hair, it too is made in nylon and the stuffing in the dolls is polyester.


The dolls from Angela Sutter, Petit Chose, and The Doll Factory are unscented. The Baby-, Kiddy-, Big Sister-, and Bathing dolls from Paola Reina are specially made for Krabat without perfume. It is otherwise very common that doll plastic is perfumed and because our dolls may be stored with perfumed dolls before being shipped from the manufacturer, it is possible that our dolls may have a very faint scent of vanilla when they are first unpacked. This scent will dissipate with time.


The manufacturer of the doll is stamped on the back of the doll’s neck.


All dolls are CE marked, which guarantees that they meet TSD requirements.


The dolls do not contain any unauthorized or unlawful phthalates.


The dolls do not contain bisphenol A (BPA).


The softening agent used in Paola Reina’s dolls is called Hexamoll® DINCH.


The softening agent used in Angela Sutter’s dolls is called Hexamoll® DINCH and Eastman 168™.


The softening agent used in The Doll Factory’s dolls is called Hexamoll® DINCH.


How do I best care for my doll?

For dolls with a stuffed body:

Hand wash, or machine wash in laundry bag, in 30 degrees Celsius.

If the doll has hair, make sure to comb it regularly to avoid knots and tangles. Wash your doll’s hair carefully with shampoo and conditioner and comb it while it’s still damp. Let air dry. Do not use a hair dryer, or any other heating device, to dry or style your doll’s hair. The doll’s body and hair should be completely dry before being returned to the child and played with.

Regularly check the seams of the doll to make sure the child cannot remove the stuffing.


For dolls with a hard body:

Do a surface cleaning when needed. You can use a mild soap, but make sure to wipe the doll clean of all soap residue with a cloth rinsed in clean water.


What is the age requirement for the doll?

Many of our dolls has a 3+ year marking. If the doll has a 3+ year marking it could be because the doll was tested with clothes on, or that it has long hair. Doll clothes often contain small parts, such as buttons or zippers, which can be a choking hazard for small children. Long hair can also be a choking hazard. Krabat carries many unclothed dolls that were tested with clothes.

What doll manufacturers does Krabat carry?

Paola Reina is a Spanish company and the dolls are made in Spain.


Angela Sutter is a German company and the dolls are made in Spain, special for Krabat & Co AB.




TheDoll Factory is a Spanish company and the dolls are made in Spain.



Petitcollin is a French company and the dolls are made in France and China.



Petit Chose is a French company and the dolls are made in Sri Lanka.


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