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Dolls from around the world

Children have played with dolls for centuries and it's even funner if they have a doll that look like they do. That's why Krabat has focused on diversity and in our stores you'll find dolls of different skin color, gender, and looks.


Plastic can never be organic, but we do have partially organic dolls in our inventory. The series Écolo Dolls from Petitcollin have their bodies and clothes made in organic cotton. If you prefer a doll without plastic you may like the Petit Chose dolls from Moulin Roty; they have a fabric body (not organic) and a head made in natural rubber.

Safe toys

All our dolls are CE-marked, which guarantees that they meet TSD requirements. They do not contain any unauthorized or unlawful phthalates, nor any bisphenol A (BPA). Read more about our dolls' material, safety and care. 
In our catalogue you can easily see what clothes and accessories suit what doll. For purchases above 500 sek shipping free of charge. Good luck in your quest for the perfect doll!