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Children should play!

At Krabat & Co we want to safeguard traditional play and find it important for kids' development to play together. We want children to put away their cell phones and ipads once in a while and, through the power of imagination, create a magical tea-party with wooden pastries, construct a soapbox car with our real kid sized tools, and sail away on a pirate adventure - telescope in hand and eyepatch on. On our shelves you'll find no battery powered toys - except for the occasional flashlight, of course.

Krabat & Co was founded in 1999 by Anne Zapel von Bahr and Malin Pehrsson. Prior to this, Anne and Malin, along with two partners, ran the company Kalikå, which Anne helped found in the 70's. That's where the first velour-critters were created - designs that became very popular in Sweden and resulted in two Sew-them-yourself books.

Krabat's first store opened in the spring of 1999 on Folkungagatan 79 on the southside of Stockholm. On 60 sq meters we squeezed in our well stocked store, a miniscule office, and a stuffed stock room. Despite the cramped space, the store was a success.

The wholesale business was booming and we became proud distributers of more and more famous toy brands in Europe.

Today we work with around twenty brands that we sell to toy-, museum-, and design stores in Scandinavia. We have also opened more stores of our own where we send our own products, but also lovely toys from other distributers. We want a wide selection of carefully chosen products in a varying price range.

To enter a Krabat store should feel exciting, inspiring, and a bit nostalgic. Whether you're a child or an adult it should be a fun and joyful experience that makes you want to play. Our staff is knowledable and helpful and will assist you if you need ideas or have questions.

Our guiding words are quality, safety, and environment. Toys must be able to handle being played with and we dislike waste. We are always on the lookout for locally made and environmentally conscious products. We care about our world and want children to play with safe and durable toys, produced under ethical conditions.

Toys sold within the EU are very regulated and controlled. Everything we sell at Krabat follows these high standards.

We hope you will find what you are looking for!
/Malin Pehrsson & Anne Zapel von Bahr

Welcome to our world of wonderful, inspiring, colourful toys!